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My background

Back in 1982, Matthew Dunn was a young lad with a gift and a passion for classical ballet. He had just joined the Victorian College of The Arts. He had already been a child extra for the Australian Ballet five times, in Don Quixote, Coppelia, The Three Musketeers, The Sleeping Beauty and Anna Karenina, as Anna’s young son Seryozha, a performance that earned him the praise of “Enchanting” from the Sydney Morning Herald critic, Jill Sykes. He was also featured in the third issue of Dance Australia under the banner, “Stars of tomorrow”, in an article which stated he had the appearance and grace of his hero, Rudolf Nureyev.
In July of his second year at the VCA, aged just 13, he was walking across King’s Way when he was hit by a car. Knocked unconscious, he lay in a coma for 16 days. His parents were told that he had only 30% chance of survival. When he woke, he found his left leg broken in two places.
Rehabilitation was slow and painful. He had to recover his brain and speech function. To this day he has a very poor short-term memory: “That’s why I carry a diary with me everywhere”. He also has haemophobia – a fear of blood so acute, he can faint at the sight of a cut figure.
To complicate things further, during a CAT scan to check the state of his brain, an infected needle gave him a nasty case of septicaemia. As a result, the healing of his leg, which would normally take six weeks, slowed to six months. It was a gruelling and frustrating business which he says he survived because of his goal to get back to ballet.
It’s only really only thanks to ballet, my passion for ballet, that I got through as well as I did. I didn’t think of the obstacles, I just thought of getting back in the studio, which is where I wanted to be.”
As soon as he was released from hospital in November and still walking with a limp, he began classes at The National Theatre Ballet School where he had to learn the most basic skills. “(Teacher) Eileen Tasker took me under her wing and taught how to do plies and tendues, even to skip. To this day it’s the most physically exhausting thing I’ve ever done.”
By early the following year he had reached his goal of getting back to the VCA, but the experience was a disappointment.
“The College wasn’t able to provide the specialist training I needed. I had to start again from scratch…. I had gone from a prodigy to being a boy that couldn’t run.”
He left the CVA, and went to St Michael’s Grammar School. Though he continued with his lessons at the National and took ballet as his final year subject, he eventually came to terms with the fact that he would never be a classical ballet dancer. He dabbled in Jazz for a while and studied one year full-time at the Tony Bartuccio Dance Centre. But his heart wasn’t in it any more. He thought I’m not going to be a dancer – tap, jazz, ballet or anything else. I really didn’t have it in me anymore.”
Having finally confronted his fate, he looked for other avenues he could work in his beloved field of ballet. Ï decided if you can’t use your body for your career, then you should use your brain.” He studied and passed as a remedial massage therapist and also completed an Advanced Diploma of Business Management. – Dance Australia.

Considered Shiatsu?

Shiatsu Shiatsu massage is a Japanese form of massage that literally translated means “Finger pressure”. I incorporate a Shiatsu massage as part of my treatment, but the Shiatsu that I use is not like the traditional shiatsu which is done on the floor and only through clothing. I use the traditional shiatsu movements, to give maximum benefit to my clients, but of course I use my table and give my clients a choice of moisturiser, oil or dry, as the traditional shiatsu is done.

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 I give my clients a choice of moisturiser, oil or dry massage. · Music, heat and my own blend of essential oils (aromatherapy)

Stop for Aromatherapy

The limbic system is the part of the brain that controls and effects all human emotion and hormones. The limbic system is directly affected by the fragrances we breathe in. When we breathe in essential oils, messages are sent to our brain and our heart rate, stress levels, memory breathing, digestion and immunity are all heightened.

Along with the moisturiser or oil, some essential oils are also absorbed through the skin.

Different oils of course have different properties and healing benefits. Chamomile, lavender, and geranium have been found to be most popular amongst my clients -. So I have included these essential oils in with my moisturiser and oil. These oils provide a maximum relaxing effect.
Why do people need aromatherapy massage?
Aromatherapy is an adjunct to massage. Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to conditions involving stress or improving emotionally-related conditions.
·         Stress and stress-related conditions such as insomnia
·         Headache
·         Digestive disorders
·         Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
·         Back pain

For further enquiries, please call Matt 1800 287 747

My massage clinic – 1071 High Street Armadale 3143

Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy is very beneficial – There has research done over the last 200 years regarding massage and its many benefits it offers to people. Research has shown that medical students who have taken an hours massage have performed better during the theoretical exams as well as having an increase in white blood cells and a longer lasting concentration span. There is evidence to suggest that massage increases the immune system but also decreases the anxiety levels and decreases the respiratory levels of stressed students, allowing them to perform much better under pressure and increasing their all round performance on a practical level.

For office workers, who received seated massage on a regular basis, they wre also more allert and worked better after a half hour massage.

Hospital patients, who have had burns or surgery,  recover more quickly after having a massage.

I have had 11 years experience working as a masseur. In those 11 years I have worked with a very wide variety of people. I have worked with sports people from the Queensland Cricket Team to The Davis Cup Squad. From dancers of the Australian Ballet Company to office workers to doctors and nurses from surrounding hospitals.

I was trained in Therapeutic, Relaxation and Remedial massage at Victoria University and The Australian Institute of Applied Sciences. I am currently working in High Street Armadale.
Still not sure if you need a massage after all this evidence? Why not come in for a free 10 minute trial. You have nothing to loose but the stress you have been carrying around all day!

My name is Matthew Dunn

If you have any further inquiries, please call 1800 287 747

You can visit my clinic at 1071 High Street Armadale 3143