Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy is very beneficial – There has research done over the last 200 years regarding massage and its many benefits it offers to people. Research has shown that medical students who have taken an hours massage have performed better during the theoretical exams as well as having an increase in white blood cells and a longer lasting concentration span. There is evidence to suggest that massage increases the immune system but also decreases the anxiety levels and decreases the respiratory levels of stressed students, allowing them to perform much better under pressure and increasing their all round performance on a practical level.

For office workers, who received seated massage on a regular basis, they wre also more allert and worked better after a half hour massage.

Hospital patients, who have had burns or surgery,  recover more quickly after having a massage.

I have had 11 years experience working as a masseur. In those 11 years I have worked with a very wide variety of people. I have worked with sports people from the Queensland Cricket Team to The Davis Cup Squad. From dancers of the Australian Ballet Company to office workers to doctors and nurses from surrounding hospitals.

I was trained in Therapeutic, Relaxation and Remedial massage at Victoria University and The Australian Institute of Applied Sciences. I am currently working in High Street Armadale.
Still not sure if you need a massage after all this evidence? Why not come in for a free 10 minute trial. You have nothing to loose but the stress you have been carrying around all day!

My name is Matthew Dunn

If you have any further inquiries, please call 1800 287 747

You can visit my clinic at 1071 High Street Armadale 3143


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